latina podcast for today's cultura
Life Lnxx, a Latina podcast for today’s cultura

Ever feel like you are living in two different worlds, and not good enough for either one?

Being a First Gen Latina comes with a lot of unknowns that remain buried until we discover our voice to speak how we really feel.

The Life Lnxx Podcast is all about handing the mic to amazing Latinas to speak their truth, celebrate la cultura and find belonging in the comunidad.

Encuentras Your Voice

Latina Podcast Founder, Consuelo Crosby

Consuelo thrives as a 1st generation Peruvian, solo female who disregarded the patriarchy and forged into structural engineering… in stilettos, but really wanted to be a record album cover artist.  But, you know Latina madres, “No! A doctor, lawyer or engineer!”

27 personalities rolled into one that bring insight, enthusiasm, humor and fearlessness to encourage Latinas to live their cultura out loud and on their terms.

consuelo crosby, latina founder of the Life Lnxx podcast, receiving her Masters at USC
Consuelo Crosby, with her two daughters, receiving her Masters at USC

What Was I Thinking?

I became a single mama when my daughters were 2 and 5 years old. And even though it was tough, I avoided stereotypical parenting by being both the mama and the dad:  the engineer who sewed their clothes, helped with calculus and art, wired the kitchen remodel and cooked from scratch, all while running my own company. 

My Peruvian heritage instilled independence, determination, silliness, and the love of spontaneous social events. But, living the American culture can be isolating and I longed for a community of amigas for a sense of belonging. I was living a blessed life of career, family and fab friends and yet, something was still missing.

So, while my girls were both in college, I entered the USC Masters program in Communications Management to begin broadcasting, as a calling for other mujeres to step into their truth. I couldn’t be the only one who yearned to live Latina out loud in every part of my life, not just at the family fiestas.

After a blessed detour to care for my aging parents, and seeing them through to the other side, the time is perfect to reach out to all the mujeres who are determined to succeed in living life on their terms, fully embracing their cultura. 

That’s how the Life Lnxx Podcast was born.

Why Call It Life Lnxx?

Before I was born, my mother brought her beloved mama to live with us. I grew up watching the love they had for each other and at a loss for understanding what they were saying. I wasn’t allowed to learn Spanish and my abuelita only knew Castellano.

Yet, I felt a kindred spirit with her, something much different than my own mother. Stories of my abuelita lighting off firecrackers at Fiestas Patrias and having a pearl handed pistol made me lean in closer to her. She was epic.

It’s that feeling that led me to believe that we are not a direct link to just our parents, but to a Millennia of our ancestors. We never know who might be coming forward through us, yet, because of the disruption from our culture, we may never even know who they are.

It’s unsettling how quickly our culture is lost, white washed, forgotten just a generation or two after our first ancestors came here.

Life Lnxx speaks to that… Double X for the women… Links to the brilliant ancestors rooted in Latine and Hispanic culture that pulses within us. We are all connected, woven together in the stunning tapestry of a beautiful and loving cultura that cries to be remembered, nurtured and brought forward for generations to come.

Life Lnxx Podcast

Encuentras Your Voice

Speak your truth, celebrate la cultura and find belonging in la comunidad.

Consuelo Crosby, Latina Founder of the Life Lnxx Podcast

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