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Life Lnxx Podcast, a Latina podcast for today’s cultura.

How often do you wish you could share your story to someone who really gets it? Find your place of belonging with the amazing amigas who share their journeys, embrace la cultura and build comunidad each Wednesday, 5pm PT, on any of your favorite streaming platforms.

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Creating a modern cultural narrative in our own words, in our own time.

Consuelo Crosby, Founder of the Life Lnxx Podcast
Co Founder, Hope Lopez, brings Moonlight Comedy Productions to life. {{encuentras-end-of-show-notes}}
Today’s Pod Club episode is stuffed full of the gems we learned from last week’s full length episode with Latina author, Annette Chavez Macias. We …
Becoming a published author was relatively easy. Quieting the voice telling her she wasn’t Latina enough to write her own story was the biggest hurdle. …
It’s Pod Club episode time where we pull the gems from last week’s full length episode with Latino Filmmakers, Director Miguel Angel Caballero and Actor …