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In episode 90, Intentional Healing of Past Trauma, special guest, Carina Ponce, Intentional Healer and Founder of Yo Soy, Carina, shares her professional guidance towards healing one self. In healing, one can become the “physical nexus” to heal past ancestors who are no longer physically present. And, in doing so, heal the lineage for generations yet to come.

Trauma instantly changes DNA, which then gets biologically passed on to future generations. Individuals may carry the trauma of a past ancestor without knowing it. Still, generational stories are easily shared within families who gather frequently or during holidays.  But, for First Gen Latinas, disconnected from their heritage country, knowledge of ancestral trauma is often lost, unspoken or forgotten. 

The disconnect is compounded early on as childhood pressures of assuming adult roles increase. Many find themselves as translators, legal advisors, counselors rather than as children with carefree lives, creating trauma that may not be understood for decades. Yet, even Latinas fortunate to be protected from adult roles may carry the trauma of generations before them.

Add these two scenarios together and First Gen Latinas are at a loss. With burdens of learning a new culture added to the loss of family history, First Gen Latinas carry their own trauma and the trauma of generations before them all while trying to succeed under cultural expectations. 

Thankfully, ancestral healers address are here to help exactly these issues. Healers guide individuals to discover emotional blockages and address pain beneath them. As pain is healed, space is made for grace and empathy. Grace offers acceptance to love oneself and the freedom to discover their true selves. 

The Business of Ancestral and Intentional Healing

Carina Ponce is a native Mexicana who came to the U.S. at the age of 9, and quickly adapted to American lifestyle. Like most First Gen Latinas, she took on the role of adulting for the family to create a successful life here, mastering English early on.  Ponce rose in career accolades, yet still felt something was missing in her life. 

Carina found her true passion by listening to her inner voice, one she had already been practicing her entire life without thinking twice about it. Carina has a natural gift to listen and guide others through life moments that are too difficult to do alone. Most especially, helping her mother heal from debilitating physical ailments, which were rooted in past trauma. 

This experience inspired Carina to search for her own healing journey, diving deep into underlying trauma that rose to the surface. She discovered her own trauma, but also, that of past ancestors, whose pain had not been healed in their lifetime. In moving through her healing journey, Carina moved emotional barrier and made room to become the person she was born to be; a natural healer to others.

Carina has a vast vision of healing both past and present people so they too can walk into their power. As ancestors of past generations are healed, then every generation that follows, even future generations, are healed. Carina sees this as a powerful method to heal the world exponentially. 

Carina started her own business, Yo Soy, Carina, in Intentional and Ancestral Healing, to guide others along their own journey. In doing so, she emphasizes that each person will discover what they need on their own terms. Her part is to move energy to clear their path of barriers so they can move freely towards their true purpose. 

Imagine the beauty of people living in love, exponentially. Carina has found a way for that to be our truth. 

BIO and Links for Carina Ponce

Carina is a Mexican American Healer that partners with others as they embark on there Healing Journeys. Among the many options, her favorite and most requested Journeys is Ancestral Healing, where she helps connect to Ancestors, whose wounds appear in one’s life. Together, Carina guides one to heal their own trauma, as well as their ancestors. 

Carina is a single mom of one first gen, oldest daughter who is still working on code breaking generational cycles and intentionally planting new seeds for the future generations. 

Website: www.yosoycarina.com

Instagram: @carinayosoy

Facebook: yosoycarina

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/_carina


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