Are you  prioritizing yourself and making decisions that align with personal needs and desires? Are you doing what’s best for you, for real?

This month has been all about love, especially self love, and we aren’t stopping yet!

This 15 minute Pod Club episode does the deep dive into last week’s full length conversation with Jessica Ruiz, Founder of Latina Relationship Coach, who guides woman to discover their life partners they always dreamed of.

You may have it all figured out when it comes to relationships, but what about relationship with yourself?

Jessica’s wise words are for everyone wanting to live their best life, highlighting the challenges of knowing what’s best for oneself and the support and encouragement needed from others.

We lean into those words today and step through what it means to truly do what’s best for you and the amazing power that comes from it.

This episode stands alone but you can always go back to the full length episode to lean in to Jessica Ruiz, Latina Relationship Coach, up close and personal.


Self-love starts with loving ourselves first and making decisions that are best for us.

It’s important to prioritize oneself and make choices that align with personal needs and desires.

Support and encouragement from others can help us navigate the challenges of knowing what’s best for ourselves.

Reaching out to professionals like Jessica Ruiz can provide guidance and support in our personal growth journey.


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