Rarely have women entered the male dominated field of financial planning. Especially on Wall Street in New York City and more so, as a first generation Ecuadorian immigrant. But, Latina Financial Planning Founder, Olga Espíritu, did all of that, and more. This synopsis of Episode 52, The Sweet Taste of Success, shares her story and encouragement for all women to get the life they want.

From First Gen to Financial Planning

All Olga Espíritu wanted as a young girl, living in Brooklyn, New York, was a Barbie whose head didn’t fall off. Her parents immigrated from Ecuador to provide opportunity for their family. Yet, as with most people, struggled within a system structured for one type of person. Or, is it?

Olga quickly assessed that she wanted a different life for herself and the family she envisioned. A lifestyle free of financial struggles yet tight knit with her Ecuadorian culture. Although her parents were lean on earnings, they sent funds to her grandmother in Ecuador and surrounded her with “love… love was never lacking”.

With finances at the top of her mind, Olga took to Wall Street, doing whatever she had to do to get there and learn from the best. The stigmas that often trip us up had no presence for Olga. At least, that’s the sense one gets from this vivacious woman, who wanted to become an opera singer. Yep, and sang at the Met.

The Lifestyle that Gives and Gives

After rising on Wall Street, Olga envisioned a firm based on her true convictions: helping women rise into financial stability and success. Leaving New York, she founded the Tree of Life Wealth Advisory Group in Florida and sister firm, Women’s Financial Planning Boutique. Here Olga focuses on the real needs of women that most financial planning firms overlook.

Olga Espíritu, Women’s Financial Planning Boutique

Most men don’t consider the financial impacts of divorce, pregnancy or career disruption. Or, outliving one’s spouse, who may have made all the financial decisions. With this in mind, Olga emphasizes that women, regardless of relationship or single, need to determine the life they want to live now, and the legacy to leave behind.

Olga describes the Women’s Financial Planning Boutique as a “spa for your money”. Somewhere that you can talk amongst girlfriends and be open about your worries and reality. Unquestionably, this new vision of financial planning is due to a Latina who saw opportunity to promote women and secure their well being.

Women Supporting Women

And there is room for more at the top! ‘Women supporting women’ is what Olga is all about. She encourages women to become financial planners to benefit from the freedom it offers professionals, both in time and availability. Raising 4 boys isn’t easy but Olga shares how she manages being her own boss, on her own schedule and even her coffee, the way she likes it… Rapido!

With women like Olga at the top, we stand a chance of being heard and guided over the barriers put in our way.

Listen to Episode 52 to learn what Olga is going to do next after her brilliant career. A gentle hint, it’s how she met her husband.

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