Feeling the effects of burnout and lost on how to recover? Feeling ineffective as a business leader and losing interest in your work?

Yep, we hear you and are here to bring new insights on how to thrive instead of survive by defining your core values to frame the life you want.

Alexa Martinez shares her heritage story and the journey of discovering her Mexican-American identity in this conversation. She reflects on the challenges of not fitting in, the pivotal moments that led her to embrace her culture, and her exploration of ancestral healing and spirituality.

Alexa’s dynamic persona lights up her coaching business. She emphasizes personal development as the ultimate priority to embrace growth and view our aspirations as exciting opportunities.

Dealing with burnout in the past, she had an epiphany regarding values and clarity, balancing work-life dynamics in various settings. She delves into the impact of limiting beliefs, burnout, and loneliness on well-being while promoting the importance of building connections, reclaiming indigenous values, and finding joy in the present moment.

The conversation wraps up with insights on transitioning from surviving to thriving, setting values over goals, and creating fulfillment and joy in life. Alexa advocates for redefining success based on personal values, taking time for self-care, and engaging in joyful activities.


Find Supportive Individuals Who Encourage You to Dream and Explore.

Focus on Personal Growth Instead of Just Actions

View Yearning as an Invitation to Grow

Define Core Values to Thrive with Joy in Life

Establish Space for Connections and Redefining Success

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