Grab your seat for today’s guests heralded as the top screenwriters to watch in 2024 by the International Screenwriter’s Association (ISA)! In an industry lacking representation, these two highly awarded Latino Filmmakers are breaking all the rules.

Director Miguel Angel Caballero and Actor Luis Antonio Aldana are the soulful screenwriting filmmaker team bringing authentic stories of the comunidad to life on the big screen.

Growing up Miguel and Luis, independently, envisioned becoming the actors they never saw represented on TV and movies.

Discovering each other at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television was the catalyst for a partnership that would upend Hollywood. Soon, they had a greater mission: To take the reins of filmmaking to fully represent the cultura and comunidad. The perfect blueprint for Cabaldana Alchemy Productions.

Doing so would require trusting their authentic voice, honoring their heritage and embracing their self identity as core pieces of a story needing to be told.

Listen to the Behind the Scenes snippets of Acuitzeramo and The Ballad of Tita and The Machines , both showered with awards for their authenticity.


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