Do you ever feel that something is missing in your life? Or, even, the life you are living feels foreign?

Consider that you are may be carrying generations of trauma in your DNA that has yet to be healed. Emotional blockage can interfere with you living your true self!

It may sound heavy and discouraging but truly, it’s exciting!

This Pod Club Episode has more sound bytes from last week’s episode with Carina Ponce, Intentional and Ancestral Healer and Founder of Yo Soy Carina. We call out your inner niña to find her power to live the life she was intended for.

You can be the nexus for healing your ancestral lineage to clear the way for yourself and generations forward. Bring the beautiful cultural knowledge of your ancestors to life and fill the void that once was pain and anxiety.

If you missed last week’s episode with Carina Ponce, no worries! This episode stands on its own.

Step into your truth, ladies!

Consuelo is a first gen Peruvian, structural engineer and mother and even abuelita now!, who creates this platform for Latinas to share their story, be heard and valued in their own right. Viva!

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