Leticia Lopez, Featured Guest on Episode 78 of the Life Lnxx Podcast wrote her views of being powered by positive thoughts:

“When my life was at my lowest, I remained steadfast in keeping my sights set on the goals in mind that I had for a better life for myself.

Recovering from a damaging relationship and embarking on my own with my daughter in tow, is a story that is all too common in our subculture. However, choosing to let that adjustment push you down or lift you up is just that: a choice! 

Mapping out my life on paper and keeping my thoughts positive greatly assisted in the manifest of my life as it stands today. Having learned to embrace life lessons is the best practice that has kept me ambitious and humbled. There is no growth without pain.

Change is at its most impactful in times of challenge, so invite that challenge and rather, change your perspective to appreciate what you are learning. If any opposition at all is presented in the form of a person or policy, change your perspective on it.

Going from government assistance to building my own home in 2 years time all while completing my degree was only made possible by my community of women that I will forever be grateful for. My family is the support that I know I have been privileged to have. They give all the support they know how to give.

Remembering that their own obstacles and challenges varied from my own keeps me in a state of gratitude for all they want is for me to elevate. To thrive in a state of life where our reality surpassses the dreams of our ancestors is a vibrant dream come true of our own.”  

Ongoing Education:

Indiana University, MBA – Fall 2021

After having completed 1 year of courses, my professional strengths have expanded. Utilizing the educational lessons I have learned have allowed a more advanced understanding and implementation of business strategies. Being the change means to get a seat at the table, for my path that objective involves expanding on my education. 

Career Notes:

Having worked in a Data Analytics focused position for the last decade of my professional career, I can confidently say the area where I excel and have a great understanding of is Data Analysis.  In all of the different industries I have worked in, one single constant remains, and that is data.

I began my hospitality career in revenue management in July of 2017.  The best thing that I love about analytics strategy is no matter the product, brand, or market the objectives are the same….support the overall optimization of the revenue.

During my tenure at Aimbridge the biggest skill I have learned is adaptability. The quality of being adaptable has been made an opportunity by the coaching and support of my management team, which I am unwaveringly appreciative of. 

Lastly live in joy for YOU. Enjoying all the good times is life’s gift. Joy is why our energy was created on this earth. As Latinas we are naturally strong and work hard effortlessly but the best trait a Latina is known for is their passion. Make sure you are passionate about your joy, Amigas !

With Love, 


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