First Generation Expectations

First Generation children of immigrant parents are raised with an awareness of innate struggle. Besides the struggle to fit in or maintain identity, there’s an expectation for success to make the harsh immigration worthwhile. Expectation places pressure on children which can lead to anxiety. Without coping mechanisms in place, anxiety can cause burnout and a sense of failure. Practicing empathy to disrupt anxiety is key, both for oneself and for others.

Jordana Roman, Founder of Libra, a modern lifestyle wellness brand, has a long history of empathy. It’s what makes her brand different from a typical wellness company. Most wellness brands are created by celebrities or wealthy individuals who want access to the trending niche. But that’s typically the 1% influencing the rest of the population who may not relate.

Jordana is a first generation Latina, born in San Francisco speaking English as a second language. Even so, her ambitious personality got her to UC Berkeley for college. There she experienced two major burnouts, which helped her realize that personal health and wellness is key to long term success rather than financial gain.

Libra, A Wellness Brand Based in Empathy

Listening to Jordana on Episode 58, of the Life Lnxx Podcast, one can’t help but join her in empathy for herself and others. She speaks with kindness that isn’t taught. Instead, she’s born with it. Whether she speaks to the immigrant journey, the struggles of First Gen college students or men, Jordana embraces how difficult it can be and offers understanding and support.

Leadership like this goes a long way in creating a healthy brand for employees and customers alike. An empathetic boss will disrupt the buildup of anxiety and recognize when it’s better to step back. An empathetic owner understands how consumers may be feeling firsthand and provides product and philosophy to help cope.

Jordana’s philosophy focuses on stepping back from the pressures of technology and work, providing time to focus on personal relationships, especially with self. It seems like a no brainer and yet, when listening to her, you realize it’s exactly the problem fueling anxiety. In not practicing self empathy, we are creating our own increasing stress cycle in a society that doesn’t recognize the symptoms, let alone how to disrupt it.

Simplicity is Key

By the end of the episode, the listener is yearning for the simplicity of yesteryear. If you weren’t home to answer a landline, there was no one bothering you via text, calls, social media or emails. Imagine a day without those to test how much anxiety is tied to your phone. Instead, put technology away and reach out to analog.

Libra offers a wellness product aimed at sustainability for people and planet. “Brunch at Alejandra’s” is a puzzle crafted out of FSC certified paper and designed by Argentinian illustrator, Eugenia Hernández. For every puzzle purchased, Libra plants a tree and includes a gratitude postcard to “write just a simple hello and just make their day”.

With so many mindful facets in one product, practicing empathy to disrupt anxiety just became the easiest task of the day. Working on the puzzle alone or with others resets a natural pace, nurtures relationship and dissuades stress from building. Instead, it sets the tone for candles, soft music and conversation.

If more owners and employers held this philosophy, our society may be a gentler, kinder place that empathized with individual struggles and needs. Say goodbye to anxiety, one Libra product at a time.


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