Create Space For Grief

Cultural generations have faced grief with support of faith and family, while community creates space for grief. As generations move away from their home, finding support can become difficult, leaving individuals to face grief alone. Discover how we learn from past generations and bring forward the healing traditions that bring solace while leaving behind those that don’t.

This week, Consuelo illuminates two cultural traditions that helped create space to grief outwardly: faith or spirituality and family. Modernizing these traditions maintains cultural strength and knowledge for future generations. Introducing new resources, like mental health care, renews cultural ties within faith, family and community.

  • How Culture Shapes Community Support
  • Learning About Grief From Past Generations
  • What Traditions Still Work to Heal Grief
  • Discovering New Ways to Apply Traditions

Consuelo is a first gen Peruvian, structural engineer and mother who encourages women, especially women of color, to disregard conformity so their true personalities and talents will make this world a sassy musical rather than a dull monologue. Viva!

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Consuelo… with an ‘o’

Badass chica, 1st generation Peruvian, solo female who disregarded the patriarchy and forged into structural engineering... in stilettos, but really wanted to be a record album cover artist instead.

27 personalities rolled into one that bring insight, enthusiasm, humor and fearlessness to encourage young women to live their lives out loud and on their terms.

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