It’s Pod Club week and it all about intuition and intent that will lead you to your authentic self and may even save your life!

So let’s take a deep dive into the gems that we heard last week, with Melissa Sandoval, Emmy Award winning journalist and TV personality whose intuiciòn led her back to her beloved Medellin, Colombia.

It’s all about that moment in her episode, that hair rising, goosebump causing moment that you don’t want to miss.

And how about the jaw dropping story of the Colombian indigenous children, ages 13 to 11 months, who survived a plane crash and 40 days in the Amazon Rain Forest, alone. How did they survive?

Listen to discover the power of intuición and intent in your life.

Today’s highlights:

✨ Discover how Melissa Sandoval fueled her intuition

✨ Learn the intertwine between intuition and intent

✨ A message sent 30 years later, in perfect timing

✨ 4 Colombian indigenous children survive 40 days, alone, in the Amazon Rain Forest

✨ Colombian and Mexican Eats at Creative Ideas Cafe in SF

Today’s Takeaways

✨ Intuition leads you to authenticity

✨ Intentionally living authentically takes courage and strength

✨ Don’t hesitate to act on intution, it impacts someone decades from now

✨ Modern era loses out to ancient knowledge and intuition

✨ Arepas, tamales in banana leaves and empanadas, Oh My!!

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