Her abuelita took her to bars while her single mother worked to sustain the family; taught her to box for protection and massaged her leg to heal the damage after falling. She was laden with the scars of a lifetime of struggle, yet lovingly cared for her little Prieta. 

Today’s guest, award winning author, Yasmín Ramírez, shares the story behind the story of “¡Ándale, Prieta! : A Love Letter to My Family”, a loving memoir of her abuelita, Ita. Yasmín reveals how Ita’s resiliency and love protected her as a child. But ultimately, it was Ita’s sudden death that prompted Yasmín to step into her authentic self and find her voice to write the memoir.

Yasmín’s raw yet tender voice hits a chord in us listeners, finds commonality in our Latinidad, and prompts tears of compassion for our powerful mamas and abuelas who gave us the space for self reflection and grace. 

This episode is a beautiful tribute to the love between an abuelita and her granddaughter, who wield a powerful story of resilience and self-discovery. If you are looking for an inspiring and uplifting listen, then be sure to check out this episode.

Today’s Highlights 

  • Yasmín’s relationship with her abuelita, Ita – survivor, protector, healer
  • Building community and strength as Prietitas y Morenitas
  • Breast cancer warriors- from Ita to Nordstroms
  • Yasmin’s journey to self discovery after Ita’s sudden death
  • How Yasmín found her writer’s voice
  • Yasmín’s secret life

Key Takeaways

  • Have gratitude for life without comparisons
  • Embrace la cultura for empowerment
  • Find community for authenticity
  • Leaving a safe place prompts self discovery and truth
  • Record family stories before they are gone
  • Sharing your story creates powerful inclusion 

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Consuelo is a first gen Peruvian, structural engineer and mother who encourages Latinas to authentically speak their truth by embracing their cultural identity, a source of fiery strength and profound joy. 

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