You’re in for a treat with this jaw-dropping life story!

Step into the captivating world of Carin Luna-Ostaseski, the powerhouse behind SIA Scotch Whisky, as she fearlessly navigates the traditionally male-dominated Scotch whisky realm. Her journey from a Cuban-American background to crafting her own whisky brand is a true gem.

Carin’s storytelling shines a light on cherishing her roots and building a lasting legacy through her passion. She opens up about the hurdles she tackled – from crowdfunding via Kickstarter to championing diversity and representation in the industry.

Despite the challenges, SIA Scotch Whisky has taken the stage by storm, bagging accolades left and right. Carin’s commitment to giving back is nothing short of remarkable, with generous donations supporting minority entrepreneurs.

Get ready to dive into Carin’s world of whiskey wonders, complete with tantalizing cocktail recipes and perfect pairings. Her dream? To see SIA become a household name while lifting up fellow minority trailblazers. This conversation is a vibrant blend of inspiration, joy, and a toast to culture!Find Sia Scotch on Instagram and their website for more delectable ideas to celebrate life with Sia!


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