First Gen Latinas lead a whole different life where the burdens of adulthood start really young. The carefree, silly life of our little niña gets overshadowed by responsibility and hard work.

Thankfully, women like Hope Lopez have made it their mission to bring humor back into our lives by highlighting the absurdity of being human. Gone are the jokes tearing down marginalized identities and here to stay are the insights of using to see yourself through a kinder lens and heal past trauma.

This is a Pod Club episode, a 15 min spotlight of the gems discovered in last week’s full length episode, Absurdity of Life: Hope Lopez Uses Humor to Empower.

No worries if you are not caught up with our amazing Latinas, this one stands alone.


  • How humor was intended to hold power over others
  • Creating kinder humor
  • Realizing the intensity of a First Gen Latina life
  • Learning to view yourself through a kinder lens
  • Training yourself to find humor in everyday life
  • Using humor to heal past trauma

Next week’s full length episode is with Carin Luna-Ostaseski, the only woman ever to found and market her own Scotch brand, Sia Scotch Whiskey. It’s not your abuelo’s Scotch. Think warm vanilla, salted caramel and buttery toffee flavors…. yes, the Latina way!

Listen to the heartwarming and mesmerizing journey of this brilliant Cuban American Latina, from honoring her parents sacrifice to distributing $350,000 grants for Under Served Entrepreneurs.

Learn Carin’s business acumen for taking big risks and centering success for the benefit of the greater good on next week’s episode.


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