Did you ever stop to think about why you are the way you are? Have you discovered your true self and live in authenticity?

Even if the answer is yes, would your inner niña agree?

We can lose sight of who we were born to be after living in our known for so long. But if you stop to think about all the times you were told “No” or “why do you have to be that way”, you may realize your little niña is wanting freedom to live her dream life.

Today’s Pod Club episode is all about healing your inner niña by setting her free in the world through traveling. But, not just any traveling. Travel, resourced and guided, by a First Gen Latina whose career it is to provide resources for people’s well being. The best of all worlds!

Listen in to this life gem learned on last week’s episode from Bianca Alba, Bolivian Founder of ‘This Latina Travels’ podcast and website sharing advice, guides and recommendations for Latina solo traveling.

IG: @thislatinatravels


✨ Realize what is natural to you and what was learned

✨ Rediscover your inner niña

✨ How travel frees your inner niña to be herself again

✨ Bianca Alba, Founder of ‘This Latina Travels’, background creates trust

✨ Consider who you are being guided by to foreign places


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