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Get on board for a captivating journey with Bianca Alba, Bolivian Founder of This Latina Travels, who understands the complexities of navigating cultural identities. In this candid conversation, Bianca shares her personal odyssey of discovering her authenticity between being raised in the most prestigious part of the US, speaking Spanish as her First Language, and finally embracing her cultural identity in college.

Prepare to be inspired as Bianca recounts her career in public health, her courageous move to Puerto Rico, and her unwavering resilience in the face of Hurricane Maria’s devastation. But that’s not all – Bianca’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she unveils the creation of This Latina Travels, her passion project dedicated to empowering Latinas to explore the world fearlessly.

Through her podcast, This Latina Travels, Bianca offers a much-needed voice in the travel community, shattering stereotypes and inspiring women, especially Latinas, to chase their wanderlust dreams. Discover her affordable travel guides, practical budgeting tips, and invaluable insights on solo female travel, group tours, and building lasting connections across cultures.

Get ready to embark on virtual adventures as Bianca shares her upcoming explorations in Colombia and Europe, emphasizing the importance of cultural respect and embracing the emotional depths of travel. From manifesting adventures to decoding the role of horoscope signs, Bianca’s mushy side will captivate and resonate with every listener seeking personal growth and fulfillment through travel.

Join Bianca Alba on this empowering journey and unlock the transformative power of travel – a gateway to joy, self-discovery, and unbreakable bonds that transcend borders.

Shout outs in the episode from Bianca: Amigas on Tour , Jessica Nabongo, First Black Woman to travel all 195 countries


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