As we start to wind down 2022, it’s the perfect time to practice the mantra of Episode 68, ‘For the First Time, Let’s Choose Ourselves’ and set the tone for 2023.

Luckily, Season 3, of the Life Lnxx Podcast, is filled with sassy Latinas that bring their specialties to the table. The driving force behind these women is their cultural experience and realization that society hasn’t met the needs of the Latina sisterhood.

Get excited this Season of Giving and choose from life services packages to beautiful products and career building know-how.

What’s on Your Gift List?

Each Latina guest highlighted here also had their favorite cafecito place to give shoutouts. Check out if one of them is near you!

Celebrate how these women focus on giving to their clients by giving to others. Compassion and social justice are at the heart of Latino culture.

  • Financial Advising:

Want to create generational wealth as a First Gen breaking the barriers? Schedule a free meeting with Olga Espíritu, Founder of Tree of Life Wealth Advisory Group in Florida. On episode 52, Olga emphasizes the importance of investing in yourself to live the life you want. One of the few Latinas in wealth management, Olga attributes her resilience to her childhood experience.

  • Small Business Coach:

Are you starting entrepreneur wondering how to start? Or, a small business ready to make that next step? Linda González has over 20 years of empowering women and people of color to own their confidence. On episode 65, Linda teaches us how to break our own glass ceilings, ones created from cultural stigmas and upbringing. Get more in depth knowledge with her two books, ‘Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling‘ and ‘Cost of Our Lives‘.

  • Life Coach:

Want to start reaching your true success but trapped behind subconscious barriers? On episode 70, Brenda Amiel, Founder of High Vibes Consulting, shares how she discovered the process when she was at her lowest. Brenda uses NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy®️ to assist you in releasing all the  success blocks that are preventing you from hitting your goals. 

  • Hand Poured Candles Advocating Women:

There are jobs that pay bills and there are the jobs of passion for social justice. Jackie DeJesse, Google Product Manager, was compelled to build a platform for all women to share their stories, create a true narrative and connect shared communities. Jackie created Quorum, a small batch candle company that includes an intimate story from contributing authors and donates 10% back into community empowerment groups for girls.

  • First Gen International Travel :

Did you get to travel when you were young? Or, did the #FirstGenVida get in the way? Now, you can make up for it with Two Peacocks Travel,  a travel and events company, inviting women of color, who struggle to take time for themselves because they are too busy taking care of everybody else. On episode 62, Sandy and Ana share how they came up with the idea and sponsor young Latinas to travel.

  • Puzzle Subscription Boxes:

Love an intriguing subscription box? Join Puzzle Culture, a jigsaw puzzle subscription box company, featuring independent artist’s artwork and gender-neutral curated gifts. Founded by Dawn Toledo Walsh, Puzzle Culture collaborates with independent artists to provide stunning puzzles available quarterly or bi-monthly.

  • Build Inclusivity in Community:

The #FirstGenVida can be isolating, torn between cultures and not good enough for either of them. Take the reins on your cultural identity and immerse yourself in the community. On episode 56, Violet Canales passionately shares her journey from unaccepted white girl to helping companies build a culture of inclusivity at Textio. Consider joining a company that speaks your truth, ladies!

  • Vaginal Wellness Company:

Sometimes gifting to ourselves means investing in others to get what we need. Discover Casa de La Luna, a retail marketplace that focuses on women’s health, specifically feminine hygiene, intimacy, and vaginal care products and services. On episode 54, Alejandra Crites highlights the vision of something so natural yet nonexistent, leading her and Savannah D’Orozio to fill the void.

  • Self Care through Movement:

Remote work is having us trapped in a chair for far too long every day. Get up and get out with Apple Fitness+, an app tethered to your Iphone and Apple Watch, with trainers guiding you through dance routines, (want some salsa in your life?), yoga and meditation or, my fave, Time to Walk, with celebrity narrators sharing their favorite memories and songs. Olivia DeJesse joined Apple Fitness+ PR team just weeks before it launched its product, the first one in 10 years! Latinas know how to get it done!

  • Leadership Training:

Are you inspired to rise in corporate culture but still have remains of Imposter Syndrome? Rosa Revuelta, Founder of Rosa Revuelta Consulting, coaches First Gen’s to claim their value and succeed in a system not built for them. On episode 68, Rosa cheers on First Gen’s to choose themselves first with the skills learned by cultural expectations.

  • Calm the Modern Lifestyle:

Modern lifestyle wearing you down? Want to step into calm and well being? Jordana Roman is aiming to create that slice of heaven through her brand, Libra Lifestyle, to focus on creating goods and content that positively contribute to human and planetary well-being. Start by diving into the ‘Brunch at Alejandra’s’ jigsaw puzzle by Argentinian artist, Eugenia Hernández.


Consuelo… with an ‘o’

Badass chica, 1st generation Peruvian, solo female who disregarded the patriarchy and forged into structural engineering... in stilettos, but really wanted to be a record album cover artist instead.

27 personalities rolled into one that bring insight, enthusiasm, humor and fearlessness to encourage young women to live their lives out loud and on their terms.

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