Do you think that you learned all your life skills in school? Think again! Most kids have been learning life skills from an early age. For First Gen children, the amount of life skills doubles or triples in learning a new culture or language. Everyday life skills translate to monetary business skills to promote.

In episode 68, of the Life Lnxx Podcast, featured guest Rosa Revuelta shares her expertise in coaching BIPOC professionals to promote their life skills. Rosa states that First Gen children are focused on meeting family and societal expectations. Skills used to overcome societal struggles are unique. But, First Gens learn these life skills as part of everyday living and so, they don’t always get the spotlight they deserve.

For instance, helping parents learn English is a family necessity. But, in business world, it is a profitable talent of translation. Helping parents pay the bills or balance bank accounts is a matter of survival. But, again, in business, these skills lead to management positions. The trick is to untangle the embedded skills learned to survive, as a First Gen, and view them for the powerful, monetary business skills that flush out resumes and support promotions.

Without untangling, First Gen professionals are providing their life skills for free. They are seen as just “something we do”. But, compared to people that have been part of this society for generations, these skills are elite. Even if taught, people can’t truly grasp the expertise that comes with decades of practice from just living through childhood.

Promote Yourself First

And yet, promoting life skills for monetary gain isn’t the end all. Another aspect First Gen’s overlook growing up is ourselves. We tend to put ourselves last while trying to match cultural and societal expectations. So much is dedicated towards success to honor immigrant parents courage and proving society’s bias wrong, that we forget to ask ourselves, “what do I really want?”.

That’s where Rosa’s advice comes roaring in. “For the first time, let’s choose ourselves first”. That spontaneously, unpracticed, line struck so deeply into my mind that I now pause before making a decision, “Is this what I really want?”. It will take some time to untrain my brain, but I cannot wait for the day that all my decisions are framed around me first.

Rosa has a calming voice that readily guides you towards your best self. She’s open and genuine, the best combo of coaching skills, something she attributes to her early days working in her parents restaurant. Take a listen for yourself on the episode.

For more information about promoting your life skills for business, visit Rosa Revuelta Consulting. Contact Rosa through her website or on LinkedIn.

Rosa is a first-generation Chicana, the oldest daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico, and a proud mama to a 1-year-old. She is a leadership coach, facilitator, and experienced trainer. Rosa provides 1:1 leadership coaching for First-Gen Bipoc leaders and a leadership development group program for organizations who want to invest in their internal talent and support their leaders of color. 

Rosa has 15+ years of experience advocating for women and communities of color, 10 of those years as a strategic leader in management roles.


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