The family role of First Generation Latinas is laden with demanding expectations. They take on adult actions, like translating bank documents or tax returns, and working to support the family. Often, First Gen Latinas go without and have little chance of a “typical” childhood. Now, Two Peacocks Travel is here for First Gen Latinas to travel abroad with women who can empathize.

Ana and Sandy, Founders of the new travel company, know what it’s like to have immigrant parents, who rely on their children to navigate a new country. In Episode 62, they share the harsh expectations to help family and advance in career from a very young age. Translating, writing mortgage checks, speaking one language at home and another outside the house are all part of a First Gen childhood. Add the confusion of cultural identity and many Latinas find themselves living a life that isn’t theirs.

But, it’s never too late, in Ana’s words, for a second chance to live the life you want. Ana never traveled as a young person but acknowledges the benefit of experiencing another country, far from the cultural limitations of home. Sandy, on the other hand, went to France as an exchange student at 15, reaping the benefits of making her own decisions for survival. Together, they offer other First Gen Latinas a second chance to live the life they couldn’t even fathom.

Two Peacocks As Emotional Support

These two women seem like polar opposites in their life experiences. Ana, married young and finished college as a mother while Sandy independently made her own decisions, free of obligation. Yet, they are inseparable and, without each other, seem to be missing a piece of their personality.

It was a match made in heaven, literally, when Ana decided to take a leap of faith into a medical field she had no education for yet could figure out strategically. There she met Sandy, with her ‘just do it’ personality, who figures it out on the roll. They leaned on each other for emotional support only to realize that other people had animals for the role; a woman who took her two chihuahuas into the X-ray machine and a woman who boarded a plane with a peacock.

That’s when it clicked. They were each other’s peacock, supporting the other through chaos and thrills. But, the most binding of their experiences is the shared understanding of how stressful and demanding the life of a First Gen Latina can be. So, after finishing their first career, they have decided to give back to other Latinas, at all ages, by providing the opportunity to travel abroad.

Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

The real distinction of Two Peacocks Travel is the mindset of Ana and Sandy. The travel packages aren’t Instagram based selfie opps. Instead, they are “strategically” organized to provide empathy, camaraderie and transformation to finally be oneself. For some First Gen Latinas, it may the first time experiencing a life that they don’t have to be in charge. For others, it could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Living in a native culture without those burdens allows women to understand the beauty and love of their heritage. From architectural wonders to people watching while drinking a cafecito, Two Peacocks Travel immerses its guests in culture to light the Latina soul. Cordoba, Seville, Oaxaca, Cuba… all harboring the passion of ancestors and the life left behind when they decided to leave.

All this special planning goes down in Ana and Sandy’s favorite cafecito place, Café Soñé, a Huntington Beach, Latino-owned small coffee business. They especially love the homemade syrups for their fave café and nostalgic decor, including records that you can play from your favorite era.

Listen to the entire episode to catch the emotion and laughter behind these fabulous women.


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