It’s Pod Club time! Pod Club episodes pull the gems from last week’s full length episode that speak to all of us.

Ever feel like you’re caught between two worlds and not good enough for either? That feeling is exactly what launched Latina filmmaker, Chloe Caudillo, into a world of art and Sci-Fi storytelling to express her emotions as a little niña struggling with her Mexican heritage in a Chicago suburb.

But this small town girl didn’t let that stop her. She took a big leap of faith and hit the Big Apple with nothing but a dream. Chloe’s resilience and positivity opened hearts and doors, building a community of life long friends and a tribe of supporters to help nurture her creative writing, ultimately landing a Netflix funded fellowship to create her short film, ‘Development’, that changed her life forever.

In this episode, we highlight Chloe’s resilience and positivity to teach us all how to deal and heal struggles and pain towards an unimaginably successful life, using positivity as a compass.

This is a feel great, I-can-do-it episode that will put a smile on your face, determination in your heart and pride in your vibrant Latina soul.

If you missed last week’s full episode with Chloe Caudillo, catch it here to fully appreciate today’s episode. No worries though, this episode stands alone and introduces Chloe to your amiga list.


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