She shattered family patterns, crushed academic barriers, and now she’s busting classical music out of its elite bubble, ushering in an era where everyone gets a front-row seat, especially those historically left out of traditional concert halls and symphonies!

Today’s guest goes way out to the stratospheric reaches of the universe for what she has been through to pursue her passionate dream as an international orchestral conductor, only to realize, that is wasn’t her dream alone, but for every person who felt left out, pushed out, unseen, allowed in but never accepted.

Jessica Bejarano, Mexican-American Queer Founder and Conductor of the San Francisco Philharmonic, talks about rising out of East LA threats, academia adversity and societal bias by finding the silver lining in every experience. Her dream of becoming an orchestral conductor was both for herself and for others: living passionately by creating music that would one day bring her mamá a life of ease.

But, when a Maestro in her Masters program told her to “go back to your country, you won’t be one in mine”, Jessica realized she had a universal purpose: securing diversity through representation in the audience, orchestra and epically, the podium.

Jessica never wanted anyone to feel that devastation, so she founded her own symphony where everyone feels welcome, accepted in authenticity and excited to become a part of the orchestral music scene. An iconic feat in a major cosmopolitan city!

She has changed the face, audience and sound of symphony halls forever! Bravo!

Please support Jessica and the San Francisco Philharmonic by donations arranged and attendance to their performances at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

Catch this episode on YouTube @EncuentrasYourVoice and more heartwarming stories of Jessica on Instagram and on our website.

Watch the amazing Tecate Alta video highlighting her journey and creation of the Tecate Alta Sinfónica with Latino urban beats performers.


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