Becoming a published author was relatively easy. Quieting the voice telling her she wasn’t Latina enough to write her own story was the biggest hurdle.

Latina author Annette Chavez Macias always loved writing stories, never really knowing they would one day be filled with her Mexican American heritage.

A voracious reader since childhood, Annette would pick up any book she could, including her mother’s romance novels. The romance genre gave her almost immediate success in short stories writing under the alias, Sabrina Sol. 

Still, Annette had a story in her head, heart and soul that wanted to be told. 

Turning 40 was the catalyst to either do it or leave it all behind.

But when it came to writing the fiction novel she developed for decades from her own life, imposter syndrome set in. 

The little voice inside her head told her she wasn’t Latina enough to write her own story. 

Yet, even after taking decades to write it and facing 13 rejections from publishers, Annette forged ahead to memorialize her abuela and Wuelita, las reynas de su familia, and forever hold the story that had to be told. 

Fast forward to today and Annette is thriving from her soul having published not 1 or 2 but 3! Novels since the time she told herself, “Just Do It”! 

Learn more about this amazing Latina on this episode capturing:

✨ Living the First Gen Oldest Daughter Life

✨ Writing to Express Emotions

✨ Discovering the Romance Genre… but not Novelas

✨ Imposter Syndrome of not being “Latina Enough”

✨ 40 years and 13 Rejections Later… Writing the Story In Her Soul ‘Big Chicas Don’t Cry’

✨ Power of Family and Time to Hone Your Story

✨ What brought Annette to sudden tears on the show

✨ Annette’s favorite binge worthy genre

BUZZFEED QUIZ: WHICH PRIMA ARE YOU? (Erica, Mari, Selena and Gracie are the Garcia cousins from the women’s fiction novel “Big Chicas Don’t Cry.

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