Normalizing our participation in other people’s activity helps break down the barriers, helps equal out expectations when you have a better understanding of what they’re experiencing. What would you do for an amiga isolated in her diversity?

This week, Consuelo demonstrates how women can be denied even the simplest human experience – running – and how this spills into the isolation of diversity. Learn how to share you own creativity in participating in other’s interests, show you care, protect their vulnerability and become their loudest advocate. Normalize diversity.

  • Why We Need Non-runners to Run With Us
  • How to be an Ally Outside of Your Expertise
  • Running For Other By Not Running
  • Normalize Women’s Choices

Consuelo is a first gen Peruvian, structural engineer and mother who encourages women, especially women of color, to disregard conformity so their true personalities and talents will make this world a sassy musical rather than a monologue. Viva!

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Consuelo… with an ‘o’

Badass chica, 1st generation Peruvian, solo female who disregarded the patriarchy and forged into structural engineering... in stilettos, but really wanted to be a record album cover artist instead.

27 personalities rolled into one that bring insight, enthusiasm, humor and fearlessness to encourage young women to live their lives out loud and on their terms.

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