Immigrant parents tend to have two options when they move. One, assimilate into the new culture, leaving their traditions behind, or two, bring the traditions forward as a reminder of home.

First generation adults have a chance to reflect back and choose traditions for their own family. It’s the same question but with the roles reversed.

Which cultural traditions do you follow to be reminded of who you come from and which do you leave behind in order to feel at home?

This week Consuelo reflects on being invited to a Quinceñera for the first time. It was a mix of deep faith, family, stunning beauty and down right partying. But, one part shocked her into sadness.

Listen along and consider whether cultural traditions make you proud of your heritage or embarrassed.

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Consuelo is a first gen Peruvian, structural engineer and mother who encourages women, especially women of color, to disregard conformity so their true personalities and talents will make this world a sassy musical rather than a monologue. Viva!

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