Are You Living Your True Self?

Too often we are told to stop being “fill in the blank here” and sacrifice our identity just so others are comfortable around us.

LIFE LNXX encourages women and BIPOC to live life out loud, with their entire person, through generational stories that speak to the glory of living your true self.

Why Not Us?

I’m your host, Consuelo Crosby, a first generation Peruvian and structural engineer, who set out to personify the Latina engineer and disrupt the stereotypical perception of plaid shirts and khakis. I saw the power that a young woman of color could wield if she chose to step out as her whole self rather than try to blend into the masses.

Getting my Masters in Comms Management at USC – Fight On! – had me crying for Calculus… but it got me here, sharing personal stories and engaging with others on succeeding in life choices with your unique personalities, talents and intelligence, supported by preceding generations and current day know-how.

Together, through laughter, support and innovation, we discover how to rise in our careers, relationships and wellness because we are badass chicas!


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Consuelo… with an ‘o’

Badass chica, 1st generation Peruvian, solo female who disregarded the patriarchy and forged into structural engineering... in stilettos, but really wanted to be a record album cover artist instead.

27 personalities rolled into one that bring insight, enthusiasm, humor and fearlessness to encourage young women to live their lives out loud and on their terms.

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